ShoMax Nutrition

ShoMax™ nutrition uses exclusive technologies that will give you a unique show ring advantage. ShowMax™ nutrition promotes appetite, gut health and show ring eye appeal.

  • stronganimalstechnology_actifibeprebiotic

    Improve gut health and support immunity with this food source for beneficial bacteria

    Features & Benefits

    Promote gut health and support immunity with this food source for beneficial bacteria

    • Feed Beneficial Bacteria
      • Beneficial bacteria multiple for a balanced gut microflora
    • Promote Immunity
      • Copy is good
    • Support gut health
      • Promote feed efficiency
      • Enhance body condition



    • Highly soluble
    • Feeds Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus
    • Good Copy


    • Extremely soluble
    • Feeds Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus
    • Backed by extensive research
  • stronganimalstechnology_essentialoil

    The premier source of essential oil technology.

    Features & Benefits

    • MicrofusedTM essential oils technology
      • Smaller more stable oil droplets
      • Contact more pathogens
    • Reduce production stress
      • More energy
      • Greater performance
    • Antioxidant
      • Protects the gut wall
      • Reduced oxidative stress
    • Antimicrobial
      • Restore a healthy gut microflora
      • Boost competitive exclusion


    • Rigorously tested
    • Consistent and potent
    • Backed by extensive research
    • Supported by knowledgeable staff
  • stronganimalstechnology_microbialcatalyst

    A patented technology that stimulates microbes

    Features and Benefits

    • Stimulates digestive microbes
    • Support fiber digestibility
    • Enhance energy from forage


    • Support fiber utilization
    • Promote body condition scores & top lines
  • LifeAdv

    Life Advantage protein technology is a precision-formulated blend of clotting and non-clotting proteins. Our expertise and use of proteins allows baby pigs to absorb more nutrients from Birthright™ milk replacer and is a key reason our product is superior.

  • enmax_logo_2color

    EnMAX® is the reason our show pig diets are the coolest. Our Nutritionists formulate diets with ingredients that create less heat when digested. Cooler diets promote feed intake and reduce the effects of stress.

  • stronganimalstechnology_essentialoil

    Microfused Essential Oils™  Proprietary emulsifier protects oil and creates smaller droplets and a highly stable product that kills pathogens.

  • stronganimalstechnology_actifibeprebiotic

    Beneficial bacteria multiply when they feed on ActiFibe® to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses.