ShoMax™ sow diets contain Ralco’s Synergy Essence™ technology. This technology promotes gut health of sows, promotes feed intake and supports piglet health.

This gestation diet was formulated with proper nutrition levels of amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins, to support the needs of gestating gilts or sows at a feeding level of 4-5lbs/day.



The gestation diet is formulated with proper nutrient levels with amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins to support the needs of the gestating gilt or sow at a feeding level of 4-5 lbs/day. The addition of fiber allows sows to be more content on a restricted-fed diet and also helps with subsequent lactation feed intake. The goal of this diet is to achieve a feeding level based on ideal body condition and avoid getting gilts and sows too fat prior to farrowing. This diet allows fetuses to develop well and for sows to transition to a higher lactation feed consumption without issues.


ShoMax™ is the fuel you need to be successful. It’s locally manufactured and precision formulated to be cool and fresh nutrition for your show sow.