Ignite Starter 2

Ralco Show’s Ignite Starter Program gets your pigs of to the right start while promoting proper structural development. No matter what the weaning age of your piglets are Ralco Show has the correct Ignite Starter Program to meet the needs of the piglets, and show pig producers.

Regardless if you are working towards getting your piglets ready to sale or prepped for the keeper pen Ignite Starter 2 is the icing on the cake when it comes to Ralco Show’s Ignite Starter Program. Available in Ground or Pellet form, Ignite Starter 2 builds muscle shape without sacrificing the full belly appearance. Ignite Starter 2 is designed to grow pigs into power at a safer rate, ultimately keeping them built right! All Ignite Starter Feeds are formulated using Ralco’s proprietary EnMax, Synergy Essence, and ActiFibe Technologies.

  • Protein 20.54%
  • Lysine 1.50%
  • Fat 5.70%
  • Highly complex, acidified
  • Unique blend of highly digestible carbohydrates, animal and milk proteins
  • Contains highly available organic selenium
  • 2.5mm pellet for easy flow
  • Contains chromium to improve glucose increasing energy for faster growth
  • Feed to 50 lb body weight – Contact a show pig specialist for additional information
  • Non Animal Protein (NAP) starters available if needed.